Return Man

Get your game face on and hit the field to catch the game winning return punt and drive it into the end zone! Score the winning touchdown for your team to rack up some seriously high scores in Return Man!

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How to Play

The object of the game is to catch the return punt at the beginning of each level, then run it down the field while dodging around the defenders and racing past the kicker. Carry the ball into the end zone to make your fans cheer your name and show off your celebration dance.

If you think you have what it takes to complete each level, then prove it! However, if you get tackled while running the ball to the end zone, you will lose a possession. Be careful how many possessions you give up. If you lose 4 possessions, you will lose the game and have to start all over!

>> Click To Play Return Man <<

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Return Man offers a few essential hotkeys for players to use in order to complete each level. Your primary hotkeys are the I, J, K and L keys on your keyboard. Using these keys will allow your runner to move around the field in any direction. In addition to these keys, you can also press the spacebar on the score page between each level to continue the game. You can also press the M key to instantly mute the game’s music and sound effects.

Also, as you unlock special moves throughout the game, you will need to use additional hotkeys in order to activate them.To activate the Juke special move, press the A button. If you want to activate the Hurdle special move, press the S button. If you need a burst of speed from the Afterburner special move, press the D button.